The Filmmakers

Sam W. Muehlemann (born 1990 in Switzerland) is currently completing his degree in Film & Television at Sheridan College in Canada, specializing Writing, Directing and Producing, and has a passion for film editing in his spare time. He came to South Africa in June 2017 to do an internship with Africa Media in Wildlife Documentary. At the end of the internship he decided to stay in the area to document the aftermath of the Knysna fires.

His filmography includes short films like THEY (Official Selection of NCGLFF and homochrom festival 2017), Old and Merry Times and You Reap What You Sow. In May 2017 he received the Meridian Artists Award for Best Screenplay for Brother Wanted. A part of his works can be watched on his Vimeo Page:


Patrick Brown (born 1996 in the U.S.) is studying Strategic Communication at the University of Scranton. In June 2017 he completed the one-month Wildlife Documentary internship with Africa Media, and stayed in South Africa to work on Rising From The Ashes as a cinematographer and associate producer.